Truck Loads/Special Loads Program
  • Please allow for a two (2) business day response.
  • New York State or Ontario Permits must be present at time of crossing.
  • A traffic management fee will be charged for vehicles that require lane closures or traffic patterns to be altered.
  • Companies headquartered in U.S. will be invoiced in USD and companies headquartered in Canada will be invoiced in CAD.
  • It is your responsibility to pre-survey the route through our complex to assure passage.


Per Axle (in lbs.)

Axel Distance (in ft./in.)

Questions: Please call 905-871-1608 ext 269 or 716-884-6744 ext 269. 

The foregoing statements are representations of your firm that will be relied upon by the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority (the “Authority”) for the purpose of determining whether you may use the Peace Bridge and whether special precautions must be taken in order to allow you to use the Peace Bridge. Your representations in this document have legal consequences. Your drivers should be prepared to provide representatives of the Authority with a copy of your Manifest (including certified weight). In the event the Authority discovers any misrepresentation in this form, legal action may be taken against you. The Authority reserves the right to disallow violators the use of the Peace Bridge.

Our Location

  • 100 Queen Street
    Fort Erie, ON L2A 3S6 Canada
  • 1 Peace Bridge Plaza
    Buffalo, NY 14213 United States

The Peace Bridge