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Rent from the Peace Bridge

Looking for a safe, secure, and clean space to run your business? Looking for close proximity to the border and Customs and Immigration? Be part of the Broker Community at the Peace Bridge.

The Peace Bridge is the third busiest border crossing in North America, with 1.24 million truck crossings in 2013.  The Authority has seven U.S. commercial inspection booths available for trucks traveling to the U.S.  In addition, egress off of the bridge into the Canadian commercial inspection facility allows for a more free flow of traffic where there are five Canadian commercial inspection booths. These infrastructure improvements have already benefited the commercial trucking industry, and may provide an opportunity for your company to enhance exposure and profitability.

Canada - Rental Space Available
Suite 140 - 750 sq ft (warehouse/dock space)
Suite 154 - 1961 sq ft (warehouse/dock space)
Suite 228 - 547 sq ft
Suite 248 - 237 sq ft
Suite 314 - 1057 sq ft
Suite 328 - 1245 sq ft

United States - Rental Space Available

Suite 143 – 123 sq ft

Suite 145 – 361 sq ft

Suite 152 – 49 sq ft

Suite 154/156 – 516 sq ft

If you are interested in learning more about these spaces, please contact Kristina Caroll 905-871-1608 ext. 271 or 716-884-6744 ext. 271 for more information. 

Our Location

  • 100 Queen Street
    Fort Erie, ON L2A 3S6 Canada
  • 1 Peace Bridge Plaza
    Buffalo, NY 14213 United States

The Peace Bridge