Truck Loads/Special Loads Program

The Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority has the responsibility to maintain the operational and structural integrity of the Peace Bridge while providing an efficient crossing to all our customers.

Traffic Management Fee

A traffic management fee is charged for any special load that requires lane closures or traffic patterns to be altered. Vehicles affected include, but are not limited to:

1.) Overweight loads - 117,000 lbs. gross weight or greater

2.) Wide loads - 12' wide or greater

3.) High loads - over 14' 5" traveling into the U.S.

4.) High loads - over 15' 3" traveling into Canada

5.) Radioactive loads - East Bound (USA bound) crossing between 2am & 5am ONLY


Special Loads dropping and leaving trailers onsite are required to pay a dropped trailer fine.

The Special Loads Dropped Trailer Fine is $100 U.S. or $136 CAD.

Initially, wideloads will be required to prepay the traffic management fee by cash or credit card prior to crossing.

The traffic management fee is:

1.) Loads arriving between 12:00 AM and 12:00 PM - $150 U.S. or $205 CAD

2.) Loads arriving between 12:00 PM and 12:00 AM - $300 U.S. or $410 CAD

The traffic management fee as of April 15th, 2024 is:

1.) Loads arriving between 12:00 AM and 12:00 PM - $150 U.S. or $200 CAD

2.) Loads arriving between 12:00 PM and 12:00 AM - $300 U.S. or $405 CAD 

***As of April 15, 2024 the Special Loads crossing fees will be as follows***

    12am to 12pm   12pm to 12am
    U.S. Cash     CAD Cash     U.S. Cash     CAD Cash  
Special Load Fee  $150.00   $200.00   $300.00   $405.00 
Additional Fees:        
Busti Gate  $150.00   $200.00   $300.00   $405.00 
Niagara Blvd Gate   $150.00   $200.00   $300.00   $405.00 
U.S. Outbound (Includes Busti Gate exit)  $500.00   $675.00   $500.00   $675.00 
Violation Fee  $300.00   $405.00   $300.00   $405.00 


Special Load/Over-Dimensional Application Online Form (preferred method)

Special Load/Over-Dimensional Application (for faxing)

You will be notified by fax within 48 hours as to whether you will be allowed to cross.

After receiving your approval to cross and arriving at the bridge, you should call the on-duty supervisor at 905-359-3083 for crossing assistance. All special loads are required to check-in prior to crossing to ensure the correct bridge configuration (all special loads must straddle two lanes of the bridge).

For further information contact the Administrative Supervisor at 716-884-6744 or 905-871-1608 extension 269.

Hazardous Loads

Prior to scheduling your Peace Bridge border crossing, please call the Administrative Supervisor at 905-871-1608 or 716-884-6744 extension 269 for appropriate procedures.

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