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Bicyclist Crossing Information

Pedestrians and bicyclists may cross the Peace Bridge at any time toll free.  The Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority strives to make your pedestrian and bicycle crossing experience safe and efficient.


1.)  Pedestrians and bicyclists are required to carry the same identification as if you were traveling by automobile. Canada and United States residents should carry a valid passport or in the absence of a passport a driver’s license or other picture identification issued by a federal, state, provincial, county, territory, or municipal authority together with a birth certificate. Travelers other than Canada and United States citizens click here for identification requirements or for admissibility into Canada read the fact sheet called Managing Access to Canada.

2.)  Whether traveling to Canada or to the United States you must use the south (closest to the lake) sidewalk.

3.)  Bicycles must be walked across the bridge.

An instructional video and directions on how to cross the bridge are included below for reference purposes. 

Bicycle Community Outreach

Beginning in the Summer 2010, an aggressive Bike to the Bridge campaign was launched by the Authority to encourage increased pedestrian and bicyclists crossings at the Peace Bridge.  This effort included a combination of improved public outreach and information distribution, as well as continued promotion of current Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) document identification requirements.

The Bike to the Bridge campaign not only garnered the attention of local bicyle enthusiasts, but also the League of American Bicyclists.

“This initiative is a good first step in educating the public to make the crossing more bicycle friendly,” said GO-Buffalo Director and City of Buffalo Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board Chairman Justin Booth.

“The League of American Bicyclists is proud to endorse the Bike to the Bridge League_of_American_Bicyclists_Citation event,” said Bike League Director of Communications Meghan Cahill. “This Peace Bridge event is a great image for our cooperative vision and work to create more bicycle-friendly countries – a North America that recognizes the benefits of bicycling for the environment, personal health, and improving quality of life.”

Check out some video of the campaign announcement:



View an instructional video on crossing the Peace Bridge:  



From Canada to the United States:
You can access the bridge plaza and south sidewalk from the Queen Street roundabout area, following the sidewalk through the pedestrian tunnel under the bridge. After crossing the bridge it is mandatory that you proceed to U.S. Customs (follow the sidewalk) for inspection. At that time you will be asked to present your identification and declare any goods you are bringing into the country. After inspection you will exit the plaza through the turnstile. See the map below. 

 ped map

From the United States to Canada:
To get to the south sidewalk you should access the bridge from the Peace Bridge parking lot off Busti Avenue (see map below). At the end of the parking lot you will enter through the turnstile. After crossing the bridge into Canada, at the end of the sidewalk follow the signs and use the tunnel to cross to the north sidewalk – DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CROSS TRAFFIC. Proceed down the sidewalk to the building entrance marked “Pedestrians/Bicycles” for inspection.  At that time you will be asked to present your identification and declare any goods you are bringing into the country. 

Ped map usa

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