Sponsorship Program

The Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority (the “Authority”) supports and promotes charitable and not-for-profit organizations and events in Buffalo, New York and Fort Erie, Ontario, within an annually budgeted amount.

The Authority will support specific activities of community, not-for-profit, civic and business associations which further the mission of the Authority and which assist the Authority in accomplishing the Authority’s goals and purposes. These goals include:

  • Operating, maintaining, repairing, reconstructing, expanding, enlarging, adding to, or replacing the Peace Bridge and related buildings, roadways and structures.
  • Enhancing friendly relations between the peoples of Canada and the United States by fostering trade and tourism between the two countries.
  • Improving the economic, social and environmental conditions of the communities surrounding and affected by the Peace Bridge.

Sponsorship Request Process

Sponsorship requests must be made in writing and include supporting justification. In all circumstances any grant shall have a nexus to the powers and purposes of the Authority as described above in order to be considered. To ensure your organization is successful in its request be sure to be specific and include as much detail as possible with respect to how your request aligns with the Authority’s goals and purposes. The Board of Directors will consider a sponsorship request within 60 days of receiving a complete request prior to any decisions or responses being issued.

Please submit all requests to:

Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority
General Manager
100 Queen Street                   1 Peace Bridge Plaza
Fort Erie, ON  L2A 3S6            Buffalo, NY  14213

Grants will not be made for any activity or event that has political or denominational affiliation.

Our Location

  • 100 Queen Street
    Fort Erie, ON L2A 3S6 Canada
  • 1 Peace Bridge Plaza
    Buffalo, NY 14213 United States

The Peace Bridge