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Projects not slated to impact traffic during busy 2015 and 2016 summer travel seasons 


BUFFALO, NY/FORT ERIE, ON – Today the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority (PBA) announced the continuation of its $167 million capital plan with the unveiling of several additional projects, including the widening of the bridge to 4 lanes in Canada, re-decking of the span, and installation of a scenic overlook feature along the international boundary line.

“In late 2014 the Authority completed a $10 million widening of the U.S. approach and is currently in the midst of completing a $24 million expansion of the U.S. Customs commercial building. These new projects having a value of $80 million show the continued commitment of the Board to invest in this critically important border crossing” said PBA Chairman Anthony Annunziata.

Mr. Annunziata explained that the re-decking project was much more than a simple replacement of the bridge deck. It is essentially a complete makeover of the bridge with upgraded light standards on the Peace Bridge to evoke the history of the bridge, new railings, an eight-foot wide multi-purpose pedestrian/cycling sidewalk widening, a new overhead gantry system with variable messaging capability, and the installation of an international “look-out” viewing deck area for tourists and sightseers. “We are very proud of the plan for what will be our ‘magnificent mile’” said Annunziata.

Work is slated to begin this summer on the footings, foundations and sub-structure of the widened Canadian bridge approach; however, this project will have no impact on bridge traffic in 2015 and 2016. All lanes will be operational all summer. The bridge re-decking will begin in the fall season of 2016.

“These are exciting times for the Authority as we embark on a number of truly transformational projects to upgrade and enhance our historic international bridge crossing” said Vice Chairman Sam Hoyt. “At the same time, the Authority remains committed to making sure that these projects do not create any traffic disruption during prime travel seasons in the next few years.”



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