Game Day Travel Tips


Get to the game ... On time!    

The Authority recognizes that sports fans from both sides of the border count on the Peace Bridge to help get them to and from the region's many special events and professional competitions.


In order to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible, remember these helpful tips when preparing to cross the border:

1.) Sign-up for NEXUS.  This trusted traveler program makes the border crossing experience much more reliable and efficient.  The Peace Bridge even offers dedicated and exclusive Customs processing booths for NEXUS card holders.  Also, as of February 2010, NEXUS lane hours have been expanded for travelers returning to Canada following Buffalo Sabres home games and special events at HSBC Arena.  This expansion includes operation of a second dedicated NEXUS lane during peak periods.

2.) Enroll in E-ZPass to help significantly expedite your border crossing. 

3.) Visit on your web-enabled mobile device to obtain wait times for Buffalo Niagara Region international crossings, including the Peace Bridge. These updates are revised hourly.

4.) Prior to arriving at the United States border have proper identification ready to present to Customs officers. Such documents include: Enhanced Driver's licenses, Enhanced Non-Driver Identification, FAST Cards, NEXUS Cards, Permanent Resident Cards, Passports, and United States Passport Cards for travelers 16 years of age and older, and birth certificates, naturalization certificates, or Canadian citizenship cards which are acceptable forms of identification for most children 15 years of age and younger. For more information regarding entering the United States visit; or for identification requirements for entering Canada visit

5.) If traveling with children who are not part of your immediate family, obtain and carry a parental note of permission regarding cross-border travel. The note should include each child's parental contact information and telephone numbers.

6.) "Clear the junk from your trunk!"  Other than essential luggage, empty your trunk before the trip. Additional belongings in your car may add time to your crossing, as Customs officers may perform a visual inspection of the belongings in your car.

7.) Turn off radios and cell phones when approaching Customs inspection booths and speaking with officers.

8.) Remember to roll down the window, remove sunglasses, and make eye contact with Customs officers.

9.) Be sure to declare all fruits, vegetables, plants and plant products, animals, birds, eggs, meat and meat products, as well as items acquired for personal use.

10.) Avoid horseplay and do not fool around. Customs officers on both sides of the border are law enforcement officials who take their duties very seriously. Approach inspection booths slowly and follow signage instructions.

11.) Be patient. Customs officers are responsible for protecting our nations' borders and public safety.

12.) Do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

For more detailed questions travelers can contact the Canada Border Services Agency at (905) 994-6330 or and U.S. Customs and Border Protection at 1-877-227-5511 or

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